//Jack Knife

Jack Knife

Jack Knife

1 Lie on your back with the arms long and both legs straight up to the ceiling. The shoulders and palms press firmly down into the mat. Relax the ribs and scoop the navel toward the spine. Inhale and use the powerhouse to life the hips off the mat, carrying the legs overhead into a shallow pike position. Continue to lengthen the neck.

2 Lift your hips even higher, pressing up into a shoulder stand. Extend both legs upward toward the ceiling, using the strength of your buttocks to support your position. At the peak of the exercise, your feet should be directly lover your eyes as the legs rotate together tightly.

3 Exhale and angle the legs slightly lower. Begin to roll down through the spine, resisting the descent. Do not allow the feet to fall behind the head as you lower. Finish with both legs at 90 degrees and repeat.

Difficulty: Expert