//Cable Crossover

Cable Crossover

Cable Crossover

This is a very good exercise for helping to shape the chest, and is also a good way to finish off a chest workout. You can work different areas of your chest by varying the tilt of your upper body.

STEP 1. Stand with your feet slightly wider than a shoulder-width apart with your back facing the cable machine. Select a light weight, grasp the handles, and then bend at the waist, keeping your arms out to the side of your body with your elbows slightly bent.

STEP 2. Inhale, keep your abdominals tight, then bring in your arms, making them meet in front of your chest. Make sure that your wrists, elbows, and shoulders are traveling in the same line until your hands meet in the middle.

STEP 3. Hold for a second and squeeze your chest. Then, keeping the movement under control, ease your arms back to the start – stretch your chest, making sure that your shoulders are relaxed and your back is straight.

Target: Chest    Muscles Worked: Pectoralis, Triceps Brachii, Deltoids
Difficulty: Advanced