1 Sit upward on the mat, with your knees held in toward your chest. Keep your feet and toes flat on the floor and palce your hands behind you, making sure to keep them slightly wider than the legnth of your shoulders.

2 Keeping the waist lifted, twist the legs to the right. The knees will roll to the side, angling down toward the ground. Press your hands firmly inot the floor behind you. Do not let the lower back sink down or tuck under.

3 Now twist to the left, continuing to lift tall in the upper body. Keep your position tight and close, with the knees folded in toward the body and tiptoes light on the mat.

4 Twist to the right one last time, keeping the heels close to the buttocks. Kick both legs up, aiming for the corner behind you. Bend both knees in and repalce the toes on the mat, ready to repeat to the other side.

Difficulty: Expert