//Rotator Cuff – Internal

Rotator Cuff – Internal

Rotator Cuff – Internal

This exercise helps prevent injuries to the shoulder girdle and is very effective. It works the small but important internal rotator-cuff muscles beneath the shoulder muscles. Doing this exercise is an ideal way of finishing a shoulder workout or a rehab routine.


STEP 1. Stand facing away from the cable machine. Take up the handle with your forearm parallel to the floor and at 90° to your body and your elbow pulled in to your side.

STEP 2. Slowly rotate your forearm in toward the midline of your body, ensuring that your elbow stays against your side. Bring it all the way in until your forearm reaches your navel and hold for a second before releasing.

STEP 3. Keeping the movement under control, release back out to the start position. Make sure that the movement is strict with no jerking and that you do not cheat by using other muscle groups.

Target: Shoulders    Muscles Worked: Rotator Cuff
Difficulty: Beginner