//Bulgarian Split Squat

Bulgarian Split Squat

Bulgarian Split Squat

STEP 1. Using an overhand grip, hold a barbell so that it is resting on your upper back (be careful not to rest it on your neck) and then stand about three feet in front of a bench. Then, lace your left foot on the bench behind you so that only your instep is on it.

STEP 2. Slowly lower your body so that your right knee becomes bent 90 degrees and your left knee comes close to touching the floor. Your torso should remain upright while your right lower leg is perpendicular to the floor.

STEP 3. Push yourself back to the original starting position as quickly as you are capable. Repeat until you feel you are done, then switch feet so that your right foot is now resting on the bench while your left leg does the workout.

Target: Legs    Muscles Worked: Quadriceps, Glutes, Soleus
Difficulty: Advanced