//Triceps Assisted Dip

Triceps Assisted Dip

Triceps Assisted Dip

This triceps exercise can require considerable strength when the assist is not used. It also works the pectoral muscles of the chest to some degree.

STEP 1. Place a hand on each handle, keeping your hands in line with your elbows and shoulders. Slowly place first one and then the other knee onto the kneepad.

STEP 2. Lower your body weight gently onto the kneepad, keeping your shoulder, elbows, hips, and knees in line.

STEP 3. Inhale as the kneepad lowers and push your elbows out behind you. Lower yourself down to a comfortable position, but aim to have an angle at 90 degrees at each elbow.

STEP 4. When you have reached the position, exhale and slowly push yourself back up the start position.

Target: Arms    Muscles Worked: Triceps Brachii, Pectoralis, Deltoids
Difficulty: Intermediate