//Standing Concentration Curl

Standing Concentration Curl

Standing Concentration Curl

STEP 1. Stand so that you have roughly twice your shoulder-width distance between your feet. Place a dumbbell on the floor between your feet. Bend forward at the hips to a flat-back position and grab the dumbbell with your nondominant hand. Make sure you place your other hand on the middle of your opposite thigh as support for your back. Keep your back flat, and let your weighted arm hang directly underneath your shoulder.

STEP 2. Curl the weight toward your face, moving only your forearm and making sure your elbow doesn’t move back. Stop when the weight is about chin-high, pause, and slowly return to the starting position.

STEP 3. Finish the set with that arm and then repeat with the other.

Target: Arms    Muscles Worked: Brachialis, Biceps Brachii
Difficulty: Intermediate